Data migration

A ERP data migration executed properly can accelerate and increase successful outcomes

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Assess and Plan

We help you decide what data needs to be created or transferred? Going further than products, customers, purchase orders: we investigate which products, which customers, which orders? From where does the data come from, how good is it? And with that knowledge, we define the goals of the migration and the possible timelines


If you need to migrate data but you know that the source data is not of high quality, it is best to organize a cleansing. It could help eliminate some existing issues, and more importantly protect the delivery of the project. We help you define objectives and a plan for cleansing legacy data while executing your ERP project

Map and Transform

In almost every data migration, some data may be copied and also some data must be created and some must be transformed. But it is not enough to define these rules. We not only help you in this process, we also help with putting in place a change management process to ensure these rules remain aligned with your requirements

Test and confirm

You need to have data during the project and you need to have data at the end of the project. But is the migrated data good for use? You will need to test the data migration itself while also supporting the project. These two activities are key to ensure the data is actually fit for use and can be migrated with the required quality. We help you define the right approach for your project.

Project Management

While it is often a component of a larger project, the data migration can be seen as a project on its own, We help establish and execute the required project management processes and tools to make your data migration a success.

Post-project Data Management

If your project is successful, your company will be operating on a new ERP solution with a migrated dataset. It is essential to protect this success long after the project is close. Solid data management can protect the results of the project. We support you with reviewing the requirements and with defining the new processes, tools and organizations your company will need.

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