Master data management

Managing your master data can speed up operations, simplify reporting and improve your overview on the situation, leading to lower operational costs and to better and faster decisions.

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Data management

You know things are not right but you’re not sure where to start. There are problems all over the place. We can help you to build a frame, define your scope, identify the main issues, set priorities to resolve them, organize your people, establish processes and governance in your company to protect the results of your data initiatives.

Product data management

Do you want to facilitate reporting of your sales across categories, markets and countries? Maybe you need to improve your go-to-market time and data maintenance is a bottleneck? Or you want to understand and reduce unsold inventory? We can help you with defining your data model, with setting up the right processes and optimal reporting for your company.

Reference data management

You run a distributed landscape of ERP systems and they struggle to exchange information. Perhaps your reference data is not aligned between systems or not maintained on time? We can help you with to define your reference data, to align it across applications and to protect it with a solid governance.

Data Discovery

When creating or updating some reports, you have doubts about the source of the data or what happened to it before you see it in the repot. But where does it come from? How is it transformed? Are there other sources of data in your company that you should use instead? With a data discovery, we help you understand what data you use, where it comes from and how it can be interpreted.

Data Remediation

You have identified the problems in your data, maybe missing records, quality issues or duplicates. You are looking for a good approach to actually fix them. We help you understand the constrains, the dependencies around the data to remediate and deploy the processes, tools to effectively resolve these problems. And also keep them solved!

Business Process Sustainability

You need to manage complex data and its maintenance requires multiple steps with various organizations in your company. We help you define the process end-to-end and also identify opportunities for automation, understand risks for sustainability of your process, potential legal issues

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