Who We Are

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About XFlowdata

Though incorporated in 2023, XFlowdata existed since 2011 as Jef Minsart’s management company. Back then, it was a solo enterprise. Over the years, it grew quietly, shrank, grew again until Jef met Walid back in 2017. Their complementary energy and shared ambitions pushed XFlowdata forward to successful engagements with Procter & Gamble and Bridgestone. A few years ago, they created a branch office in Tunis and recently, they formalized XFlowdata as an independent practice by incorporating it in Brussels at the beginning of 2023.


Meet Our Experts

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Jef Minsart

Jef is a veteran SAP data consultant with over 20 years experience. With a background in Business Management and a passion for IT, he started his career as an application manager for master data solutions. He quickly moved on to coaching teammates, managing teams, and running data projects. His career took him around the world to support initiatives as varied as mergers, systems integration, upgrades, software development and roll out, etc.​

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Walid Mhiri

Walid is a serial entrepreneur who launched companies in diverse fields such as corporate catering, mobility, healthcare, software development and more recently online education.

He has a gift for gathering talented people around projects and he shares his limitless energy to empower the team.

We have 12 years experience in SAP Data Consulting