Migration Cockpit (SAP)

The Migration Cockpit, a successor to the Legacy System Migration Workbench—a standard toolkit provided by SAP in the previous versions of its ERP software—is the new standard solution for S/4.  The Migration Cockpit provides a new framework to manage data migration in a more integrated way. SAP provides standard templates that cover most functions and a mapping logic to replace old values with new ones. Additionally, when objects are grouped together in projects, the Migration Cockpit can help match records between old and new identifiers. We recommend this solution due to its cost-effectiveness and the robust support provided by SAP.

Our expertise

We have experience with the Migration Cockpit in multiple releases of S/4 and have used it in a variety of ways, including enhancing standard features and leveraging staging tables to boost performance and data volumes. We understand its shortcomings and how to circumvent them.

Our branch office in Tunis is specialized in executing the SAP Migration Cockpit.

Our SAP Migration Cockpit Services

Matching and validating the Migration Cockpit with actual requirements (objects, fields, mappings)

Suggesting a solution when a requirement cannot be easily met with the Migration Cockpit

Providing templates to data stewards, files to populate the data to load or to prepare samples for testing

Executing the Migration Cockpit with data provided by the data stewards

Reporting execution results: comparison of the data loaded with the data requested

In case of errors, executing a root cause analysis to determine the source and reporting the findings

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