Data Management

Master Data Assessment : Solutions for a Smarter Enterprise

The integrity of your master data can make or break your success. Whether you’re facing persistent data inconsistencies, or embarking on a large IT project, gaining profound insights into your master data can set the stage for success. for desirable outcomes.

Key Assessment Domains

Systems & applications architecture

Applications, software and systems that support maintenance, consumption and governance of the master data.

Governance processes

Rules and processes that verify solutions, serve their purpose, can expand, and maintain ROI.

Maintenance processes

The processes in place to create and update data records.


The people maintaining and consuming the data.

Data models & rules

How is the data organized, how is the completeness and consistency supported, how are records related to one another, etc.

Data Quality

Potential duplicates, missing or inconsistent data.

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Our Methodology

Combining interviews and technical analysis, we build a comprehensive picture of your master data, from a technical as well as a functional perspective.Depending on business processes, work habits and solution constraints, people may define and use data in specific ways that cannot be understood by only looking at a database. Our toolkit comprises leading-edge tools such as Talend Open Studio, Python, and Microsoft PowerBI.

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Tailored Data Maintenance : Cost-Effective and Efficient Expertise on Demand

We offer cost-effective data maintenance support on demand. Our team is well-versed in SAP Data Migration Cockpit, the standard solution for mass loading data in a S/4 system. If this solution cannot be applied, we work with Insightsoftware Process Runner, a versatile software for data maintenance.