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Data Management

Master Data Cleansing

To make the right decisions, you need accurate information, or as Forrester Insights terms it, the “single source of truth.” Quality master data is key to good business: it enables you to accelerate and smooth operations, boost productivity, and strengthen management reports. Master Data Cleansing ensures your data is high quality and is a core component of Master Data Management. It involves identifying and correcting errors and inconsistencies in core data.

Our Master Data Cleansing Process

1. Identify problems in the master data

  • record duplication 
  • complex dependencies
  • quality concerns

2. Investigate root causes

  • systems architecture
  • maintenance processes
  • tools configuration and practical usage.

3. Action plans to solve or mitigate the issues to:

  • data updates
  • modify work processes
  • remediate tools and systems

4. Plan execution support

  • Project management
  • Prepare cleansed data files
  • Update the databases

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Our Methodology

Our team capitalizes on our unique expertise and state-of-the-art industry tools to develop solutions precisely tailored to your specific requirements. In our data analysis process, we blend our clients’ internal knowledge with a thorough examination of raw data. We recognize that a data model’s true value is not just in the systems and software but in the ways  they are used.

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Compare with technical investigations on raw data, using various tools such as Talend Open Studio, Python or Microsoft PowerBI.

Leveraging our deep expertise in SAP Data Migration Cockpit, the premier choice for bulk data loading in S/4 systems, we deliver cost-effective data maintenance solutions. In scenarios where SAP Data Migration Cockpit may not be the ideal fit, we adeptly employ Insightsoftware Process Runner, a versatile software for data maintenance.