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Data Management

Data Migration Management

Data migration management should be a holistic process of planning, executing, and overseeing the data transfer from one system or environment to another. All while ensuring data quality and accuracy are not compromised with minimal disruption to business operations. It encompasses developing a well-defined data migration strategy, mapping source and target systems, data profiling, transformation, validation, and reconciliation.

Effective data migration management avoids costly errors and data loss, maintains compliance with data protection regulations to achieve successful outcomes in system upgrades, cloud migrations, or any data transfer project. This process is often aided by specialized data migration tools and requires robust project management to coordinate various stakeholders and mitigate potential risks, ensuring that the organization’s data remains secure, reliable, and accessible in its new environment.

Our Data Migration Management Services

Sources and Targets

In our experience, these can often change or be influenced by the project. We proactively manage these variables to maintain project integrity.

Scope and Changes

The data objects in scope and the desired changes are the core of a data migration and require the most attention

Change Management

Changes are inevitable in the lifetime of any project and often impact the data.

Data Maintenance Processes

Current and Future : While a project is temporary with a start and an end, business continues to evolve leading to more data and change. Good coordination with ongoing data maintenance and a view on the future processes protects the project and its deliverables

Data Loads and Reconciliations

Critical yet often challenging, this core activity is handled with utmost care. We establish robust processes and reports to preempt issues and surprises, ensuring smooth execution.

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