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Data Migration Strategy & Tools Selection

According to Gartner research, 50% of data migration suffered from poor budgeting or worse: poor planning and bad execution. A solid data migration approach is a vital factor to any major business event. Done incorrectly, it can sabotage projects. But done properly, it can accelerate and increase successful outcomes.

Developing a robust data migration strategy involves defining the scope, mapping data sources, establishing data quality standards, and addressing potential challenges.

A versatile data integration and ETL tool offers a platform for creating and executing data migration workflows. It allows organizations to tailor the migration to their specific needs while ensuring data consistency throughout the process. By selecting a data migration tool into their data migration strategy, organizations can minimize the risk of data errors, reduce downtime, and achieve a successful transition, ultimately supporting the integrity and quality of their data in the target system.

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Our Data Migration Strategy and Tool Selection Approach

Project Charter

What are the project objectives? Is an approach already defined?

Systems Landscape

What are the systems, applications, software in the project scope; is the desired target landscape already determined; etc.

Data Sources

Using the project charter and systems landscape, we try to identify the data to be migrated and the possible sources.

Data Model Assessment

We delve into the data model and distribution impacted by the project, gaining a clear understanding of the basics.


Estimate the complexity of data and data model changes 

Project Support

Assess what the project needs from data migration for successful execution. For instance, data might be needed for testing in various phases.


Propose a strategy to satisfy the requirements, to mitigate the issues and constraints identified and to leverage opportunities

Tools Selection

Suggest one or more applications or solutions that align with the project’s needs and facilitate the implementation of the strategy.Propose one or more compatible applications with the project and enable the strategy

Our Methodology

Our final report comprehensively outlines the topics we have explored and outlines the proposed strategy and tools, emphasizing the key advantages and potential risks associated with each. This comprehensive summary provides the project manager with the necessary insights to make well-informed decisions, ensuring a clear path forward for the project.

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Ready to transform your data migration process?