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SAP Data Consulting

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SAP Data Consulting

We are a consulting firm focused on data management. We assist international companies with their ERP projects and data management improvements. Our teams—based in Brussels, Belgium and Tunis, Tunisia—offer highly specialized consulting and qualified staffing to execute complex ERP and digital transformation projects all over Europe.

We help you get the best out of your ERP investments by improving data quality, optimizing data models and streamlining management processes. We also accompany you in your ERP initiatives with project management services and assessments that enable you to make better decisions.

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Historically, we focused on the master data such as product dimensions, customer addresses, default purchasing settings, etc. Over the past 15 years, we have grown from business process analysis to end-to-end data migration management.

Today, we offer several services designed to manage risks and to enable better decision-making.  We also accompany your projects and increase successful outcomes.

We take pride in our lasting relationships with major companies such as Procter & Gamble and Bridgestone and in every project we successfully completed.


12 years in SAP Data Consulting

We offer a number of data consulting packages and are also happy to customise our services to meet your data management needs.

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Master Data Assessment

Get a handle on your data situation. Understand what you have and what you can do.

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Data Migration Strategy & Tools Selection

Receive a personalized strategy and tool proposal based on your situation and needs.

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Master Data Cleansing

Understand, control and solve quality issues in your master data.

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Data Migration Management

Keep your data project under control with data-optimized project management.


Our Latest News and
Data Insights

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3 tools to analyse your SAP data with no budget

You hear about data everywhere in your company but the budget is not coming your way? If you use SAP ECC or S/4 there are a few options you could try that demand not other budget than time

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6 key insights from 15 years of data management

Over the past 15 years, XFlowdata has executed a wide range of ERP and data projects. We’ve accompanied clients through data migration, implemented new data models, revised data management processes, cleaned up master data, and much more.

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Keep your Data Project Simple to Get Started

You have troubles with your data and you are not sure where to start and how to start.

It is a confusing task and we can get lost in analysis, with meetings and brainstorming sessions. Sometimes, we try to solve everything in one shot, with some kind of big bang project. Sometimes, we end up not achieving anything.

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Test Data in ERP Projects

Very often in multi-functional projects, such as an ERP implementation, different teams will evaluate their solution independently from each other until the later stages of testing. And regularly, the data migration project works the same way, identifying and validating data transformation in parallel of the rest of the project.