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Process Runner (Insightsoftware)

In the editor’s own words, Process Runner is an SAP automation tool that you can use to upload and download data between Excel and SAP. Process Runner can run many SAP transactions, Business API (BAPI), or Remote Function module (RFM) and load data from Excel to SAP without any ABAP programming or coding.

It is indeed a very versatile toolkit that can be used in a semi-automated workflow between Excel and SAP to maintain a single record or hundreds of thousands.

We typically recommend using Process Runner in combination with SAP migration cockpit. Indeed, not all data objects are available with SAP Migration Cockpit, and some objects can only be created. To update volumes of data, another tool is needed. Process Runner can often be used to fill the gap.

Our branch office in Tunis is specialized in executing the Process Runner. 

Our Process Runner Services

Designing a script for loading the required data: selecting a method, defining a template
Suggesting a solution when a requirement cannot be easily met with the Migration Cockpit

Providing templates to data stewards, files to populate the data to load or to prepare samples for testing

Executing Process Runner with data provided by the data stewards

Reporting execution results: comparison of the data loaded with the data requested

In case of errors, executing a root cause analysis to determine the source and reporting the findings


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