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6 key insights from 15 years of data management

Over the past 15 years, XFlowdata has executed a wide range of ERP and data projects. We’ve accompanied clients through data migration, implemented new data models, revised data management processes, cleaned up master data, and much more.

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Keep your Data Project Simple to Get Started

You have troubles with your data and you are not sure where to start and how to start.

It is a confusing task and we can get lost in analysis, with meetings and brainstorming sessions. Sometimes, we try to solve everything in one shot, with some kind of big bang project. Sometimes, we end up not achieving anything.

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Test Data in ERP Projects

Very often in multi-functional projects, such as an ERP implementation, different teams will evaluate their solution independently from each other until the later stages of testing. And regularly, the data migration project works the same way, identifying and validating data transformation in parallel of the rest of the project.


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