Troubles with data from a recent acquisition?
Find, match and keep the data you need with a data migration project
Your reports are not consistent and it takes you days to fix them?
Have more consistent and quicker reports with master data management

Data Migration Management

A solid data migration is a critical success factor to any major business event. Done incorrectly, it can ruin the project. But done properly, it can accelerate and increase successful outcomes!

We believe that there is no standard approach for a data migration.  We listen to your story, your objectives, your vision, and we write together your approach for a successful migration.

Merger, acquisition, divestiture :a major business event and a lot of data in transit

So you are going through a major event for any business. The stakes are high, the rewards enticing. But each project is a different story with a unique plot and various twists.

In a merger, the business models may be vastly different even though the activities themselves are complementary.

Maybe there’s data all over the place. Some you want, some you don’t, some you can’t even understand what it is about.

Maybe your IT and business teams have difficult relationships when it comes to defining the data and preparing for the migration.

Master Data Management

In every company, the master data is at the foundation of your operations and of your business intelligence.

Managing your master data can speed up operations, simplify reporting and improve your overview on the situation, leading to lower operational costs and to better and faster decisions.

Your company is unique, it has its own story, its own culture, its own vision. Though there are some standard principles in master data management, we will define your data model, the critical elements that matter for your business, and how to manage it all. We advise you through this process. We help you find a balance between many conflicting requirements: systems architecture, company structure, market priorities, corporate vision, budgets… and we define together your roadmap to higher profits.

Better and faster decisions? Smoother operations?

You are ranking your customers against number of orders, quantities, profits… but it is no longer enough. Are you seeking new ways of organizing your customers, to better understand who they are, how you interact with them and how to better serve them?

Perhaps you have a crazy catalog of products, a complexity maybe driven by your supply chain or by your engineering, but does it confuse your customers? What if you could organize your data in a way that protects your internal requirements and that makes your line-up simple for your customers?

Or you seek to optimize your procurement processes, but you struggle to identify your most important suppliers and to optimize your contracts for the best prices and for on time delivery? How could you sort out your suppliers? How could you organize the materials and supplies you need? How could you consolidate your orders more efficiently?

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