COTY’s ERP Data Migration: A Seamless Integration Post-Acquisition

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COTY, the global cosmetics company, faced a challenge following its acquisition of several brands from Procter & Gamble: how to onboarding numerous employees located across the globe, prepare data for the new ERP systems and update its data management processes.

Our Position

Our longstanding relationship with P&G since 2008, coupled with our founder Jef Minsart’s consulting experience with Wella (acquired by P&G in 2003), positioned us uniquely for this project.

Familiarity with the legacy data and the team gave us a strategic edge in facilitating a smooth transition.

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Execution Strategy

Data Conversion and Integration

We began by assisting the integration team in converting legacy data to COTY's existing data model. Leveraging our experience and knowledge, we accelerated this process so that we could shift our focus to onboarding the new organization and to preparing tests and training.

Process Adoption and Training​

Leveraging our strong connections within the organization, we eased the adoption of new processes. Through workshops, we bridged the gap between old and new business practices, translating the new data model into familiar terminology and concepts.

ERP Data Migration​

The crux of our involvement was the ERP data migration. We defined a simple but strictly followed structure. Roles and responsibilities were clearly defined and carefully rehearsed, simple processes were carefully controlled with daily follow up’s, communications and escalation contacts. Senior management's active support was crucial in addressing challenges swiftly.

The Results

The project spanned a year, involving a coordinated effort across 40 team members in 7 countries over 3 continents. Our commitment extended a few weeks post-migration to ensure a smooth transition. The outcome was highly successful: data integration issues at go-live were minimal and did not hinder critical business operations at any of COTY’s plants.

Our industry knowledge, coupled with a strong focus on structured project management and stakeholder engagement, led to a successful integration that positioned COTY for continued success in its expanded global operations.

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