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Bridgestone, the tire manufacturing and mobility solutions company, wanted to revise the data management for its products, including data refinement, process improvement, and system landscape enhancement, all within an 18-month timeline.

Execution Strategy

Initial Assessment and Strategy Formation

We started by defining the current and the desired situations. We then identified some quick wins that helped us build in the right direction. The result was a roadmap that we could break down into smaller projects.

Through extensive discussions with various teams across Bridgestone, we not only formalized the new processes but also identified opportunities for cross-organizational synergies and standardization.

Execution and Project Management

Transitioning to execution, our role evolved into project management. We oversaw development efforts with subcontractors and managed the data migration process. Over 18 months, we decommission some systems and enhanced strategic applications.

Implementing such extensive changes necessitated a robust deployment strategy, training and roll-out to users. We supported the project sponsor in communicating the changes and benefits of the new solutions. We then focused on training and user support, ensuring a smooth transition for Bridgestone’s staff.

The Results

The project, completed on time and within budget, resulted in a streamlined data flow, optimizing the process from product conception, demand planning, market customiwation to production. The newly implemented solution offers Bridgestone enhanced control over their product lifecycle and accelerates the rollout of new products.

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